Code Javascript Everywhere!

PHP-NTJS allows to dynamically manage your javascripts, stylesheets, and scripts so you can focus on your code. You can code your javascript using PHP class, or write directly in the PHP code, even on template. The code for button below is created using PHP class Demo\Script\MyDemo.

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JQuery and Bootstrap

Support for popular javascript like JQuery and Bootstrap.

<?php create_script('Bootstrap')->includeScript(); ?>
<?php create_script('JQuery')
$.ntdlg.message('welcome-msg', 'Howdy', 'Welcome everyone!', $.ntdlg.ICON_INFO);
    ); ?>



To speed up your page, CDN can be enabled, PHP-NTJS will automatically do it for you. Just loads needed CDN information and assets will loaded from CDN.

Minified Output

On production, you can enable script output compression either by using JSMin or JShrink. On development, you can add script debug information to easily locate problematic code.